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Let’s play Again!

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Howdy folks!

We had planned to release the game last year, but that ship has sailed. Over the last year we have added a lot to the game and fixed some critical bugs. We have reached a point again where we need more input to wrangle up them bugs and head ’em out! This is where y’all come in: We are giving you a few free disks of the game to play NOW! Let us know about the bugs por favor!

Below is a link to a ZIP file with disk images for use in either a REAL Apple II model or an emulator of your choice.

Apple II requirements:

Loading the game on a real Apple II, IIc, IIe, IIgs: MUST HAVE 128K! Apple II, IIc, IIe & GS and Requires 2x 5 1/2″ Disk Drives. To load game simply

Insert Game Disk 1 in Drive 1
Insert Game Disk 2 in Drive 2
Turn on computer and play!

Or Attach the 2mg as a hard drive image.

Download disk images, manual and log book here: DEMO DISKS & Manuals UPDATED 2022/01/14!

Good luck and post feedback on the Lawless Legends github or Facebook Pages here:

Thank you all for your patience, support, and playtime! ❤


Seth, Martin, Brendan, Becky & Jennell!